VMS Features

Specialized Features for Property Owners, Management, Gatekeepers & Visitors

BEEP VMS is a holistic security solution for all types of residential and commercial buildings developed while keeping the specialized needs of property owners, visitors, management and security staff in mind. The solution comes with dedicated portals that enable users to manage visits, verify credentials, view visitor status, etc.

Property Owners

Property owners or tenants can use the Member VMS app on their Android mobile devices for visitor management. The app gives them the power to:

Search Residential/Commercial Complexes

Using the member VMS app, an apartment owner can search for all the complexes in the vicinity that are using BEEP VMS solution.

View Visitor History

Track who came to your apartment in a few clicks with detailed information about their time of entry as well as exit.

Manage Visit Requests

Connect to the society/complex security staff to approve or disapprove meeting request raised by a particular visitor.

View Credentials

Check the AADHAR-authenticated credentials of every visitor making a meeting request in a few clicks.

Trusted Visitors

Create a list of trusted visitors and enable them to directly walk past the security check-in counter.

Society Management/Administration

The society/complex admin panel gives society management the power to manage various aspects related to premises security. Using the society admin panel, one can.

Register New Members

Register new owners, tenants and society members with the VMS system and generate login credentials for members.

Access Society/Complex Admin Portal

Manage the society premises by adding information related to a property (owner name, property type, area, address, contact person, etc.) from a single screen.

Manage block/flat allotment details

Create, update or delete the types of flats, blocks inside a premises with a dedicated panel.

Security Staff

BEEP VMS simplifies security operations by automating visitor management. The security staff can use staff portal to:

View daily visitor list

Check the number of visitors on a daily basis from the informative home screen dashboard.

Track visitors

Track the activity of visitors inside the premises in real-time. See where the visitor spent their maximum time in a few minutes.

Verify Visitor’s Identity

Check visitor’s identity instantly. Visit requests will be topped up with AADHAR-authenticated visitor IDs.

Manage New Visitors

Add new visitors, edit existing visitor information or update their credentials from a single screen.

Place visit request

Place visit requests from the portal and wait for approval by the member. No need to call and confirm the apartment owner.

Manual Visitor Entry

Manually enter visitor information and verify his/her identity using AADHAR-based authentication.

Generate Reports

Generate common reports like frequent visitors and daily visitor count reports in a few clicks.


Visitors wanting to meet someone inside a residential building/office complex can place meeting request in a few clicks. No need to spend time explaining who you are on security desk. Just verify your identity via the app, schedule the meeting request, get approval and walk inside, directly.

Register & Verify Identity

Register on the visitor app by entering AADHAR number and verifying your credentials via AADHAR-authentication OTP.


Search for all the complexes with BEEP VMS solution in your vicinity.

Place Meeting Request

Enter the required details and place a meeting request directly from the app screen.

Check history

Check your visit history with detailed information about complex name, time spent, entry and exit time in one click.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings in advance for convenient entry and exit from a complex in seconds without much hassle.