What are the Benefits of beep Rate & Review Feature for Travellers & Drivers?

Feedback is an integral part of a travel management. Once a traveller completes the trip, it is essential to provide feedback pertaining to the driver’s attitude, the condition of the car and the overall feedback about the trip. Once that is done, the travel operator can determine various steps required to be taken to improve the services. This very reason makes traveller’s review pertaining the ended trip quite essential. But, not many travel management companies are offering this very feature in their package. This very reason makes it very difficult for the travel operators to improve on their services and come up with better results.

Seeing this as an opportunity, we have introduced beep rate & review feature which gives prime importance to traveller’s feedback and traveller’s review. This gives a chance to the travel operator to improve the services provided and look at the driver performance quite closely. The traveller’s review can be based on driver behavior during the trip, driving performance and overall service provided by the travel operator.

The greatest advantage of traveller’s feedback is that the ratings that they provide will be accessible to other beep users. Thus, it will provide other travellers an opportunity to select the travel operator on the basis of the driver rating and the traveller’s review. This will create a chance for the travel operator to improve their travel management and encourage travels from those drivers who are getting positive feedback.

Benefits of beep Rate & Review Feature for travellers

Unbiased traveller’s feedback pertaining the ended trip

With the help of beep rate & review feature, the travellers would be able to provide unbiased traveller’s feedback pertaining the ended trip.

Anonymous feedback & review

The travellers would be able to provide feedback & review without disclosing their names which would ensure that the driver does not get to know which traveller gave him/her lowest ratings in case of dissatisfied trip.

Ratings provided by the traveller will be available to be viewed by other beep users

Through the beep rate & review feature, the traveller’s rating would be made available to other beep users to make intelligent judgement pertaining to the decision of taking the trip with a particular travel operator / driver.

Benefits of Rate & Review Feature for Drivers

No dependence on travel operator

The driver will have to register as an individual to avail benefits of rate & review feature. This would ensure that they are not dependent on travel operators to get the trips.

Get reward points on the basis of trip ratings

Drivers would be able to get reward points on the basis of the traveller’s rating for the trip. This reward point would be counted on the basis of total km + traveller’s rating.

Encash the reward points to the wallet

Each point has been given a monetary value that can be availed by the driver. For example, if the driver’s reward points are between 0 to 10, he/she will get 10 Rs. to the wallet, 10 to 20 points, he/she will get 20 Rs. and more than 50 points he/she will get 50 Rs. The driver cannot claim the reward points to the wallet until he/she reaches 500 points. The Super Admin will have the exclusive rights to redeem the points of the driver. The limit of reward point for the driver is fixed to 2000.

View reward point history

The driver would be able to view reward point history in a single screen to determine the total number of reward points received by him/her till date.


beep rate & review feature is one of the innovative and breakthrough thing that has been developed in the travel industry. This is your chance to take advantage of this feature as a traveller and rate your driver and the traveller after the end of the trip. As a driver, you can avail reward points after getting traveller’s feedback. Irrespective of the feedback received, you can get the reward on the basis of the total km of the trip. So, it is a win-win situation for both travellers and drivers to avail rate & review feature today!!! What are you waiting for? Register for beep today!!!