How can Real Time Car Tracking System of beep Benefit Travel Operators?

Real time car tracking system is one of the major benefits provided to the travel operators so that they can have live tracking of map and view the location of the car provided to the traveller in real time. This can all be made possible with the help of an effective web portal for travel operator. With the help of beep’s effective travel business management function, it would be possible for the travel operators to keep an eye over the trip covered by the driver. All this can be made possible with the help of beep travel portal.

With the help of an effective live tracking on the map feature in beep, it is possible to report vehicle location information in real-time within matters of seconds. Travel operators can then use this effective web portal to see where the car is heading and when it is expected to arrive at the drop location.

Benefits of beep’s Real Time Car Tracking System for Travel Operators

View Real-Time Traffic Information

With the help of real-time car tracking system, it is possible to get real-time traffic information with a single click. This can be very useful to the travel operators as they can see where the car is headed and when the driver is estimated to complete the trip. This way the travel operator can manage the trip information and can assign the driver to the new trip as per the estimated time to complete a trip.

Enhanced Productivity

It has been researched in India and found that real-time car tracking system can increase the amount of trip calls within a day by approximately 23%. With the help of live tracking, travel operators can easily assign drivers that are not operating their cars efficiently. It would also let the drivers know that everything is being tracked so it would make them drive with better driving habits, take direct routes to the drop location and obey instructions as they are closely being monitored by you, the travel operator.

Reduced Fuel Expenses

Fuel expenses are one of the highest operating expenses in the travel business management. With the help of real-time tracking, the travel operators would be able to manage the expenses effectively by closely monitoring the idle times of the drivers, thereby reducing the time, monitoring the speed and improved dispatching and routing.

Reduced Unauthorized Use

With the aid of real-time car tracking system, travel operators would be notified when the driver uses the car without any specified trip. This will ensure that there are more chances of effective travel business management by the travel operators.


All in all, beep travel portal would be a God-sent product for the travel operators. It would ensure that there are maximum benefits provided to the travel operators during each trip through close monitoring and effective measures. The real-time car tracking feature would ensure that the driver takes the shortest possible route to reach the drop location. Hence, it is a win-win situation for the travellers and the drivers. The travel operator also wins in this situation as he/she can see the trip in real-time, which would ensure that their control over the driver is never lost during the trip.