How can Online Invoice Generation be Beneficial for Travel Operators?

The travel business is potentially a huge market if you play your cards right. If you are able to handle the travel business management in a proper way, you will be able to add a few more drivers to your travel business thereby expanding it exponentially.

With the emergence of corporate travel solutions, there is an eminent importance on the way invoices are being generated in the travel business. Travel operators in the past used to prepare a manual invoice for completed trips. But with the advent of modern technology in the travel business, it is important for travel operators to generate online invoices for getting bills.

We understood the emergence of modern technology in the travel business. In order to combat the situation, we have come up with a travel technology solution, called beep, an innovative travel business management product with a web portal exclusively providing travel solutions that will be very useful for travel operators. It would not only assist them to save the precious time of producing manual invoices, but also protect the environment by generating paperless online invoices.

beep would prove to be a complete game changer for the travel industry. The exclusive web portal for travel operators would assist in getting integrated payments and generating PDF invoice that will grow your travel business by manifold.

Benefits of Online Invoice Generation for Travel Operators

Quick Analysis of Business Finances and Ensuring Timely Payments

With the help of web portal, travel operator would be able to access the business finances with a single click and ensure that timely payments are received from the traveller.

Secured Encrypted Data Security

Travel operators can rest assured that all the details of the bills that are generated through online invoice are secured on an encrypted server. No part of the information gets leaked to any other person / organization.

View Invoice with A Single Click

As a travel operator, you would be able to access the bills of the completed trips with a single click. Hence, you will always be in control while generating online invoice for completed trips.

Protect Your Invoices from Online Threat with Our Web Safety Protocol

Rest assured that all the bills that you generate through online invoice is saved in our database with a stringent web safety protocol. Hence, there is no risk of the invoices to be leaked online.

Online Payment Tracking Option

With online invoice generation, it is always easier to track the online payment with a single click.

Paperless Bill Generation

With the help of online invoice generation, you will be able to protect the environment by going cashless in generating invoices. This would save your valuable money on papers, cartridge and printer by opting online invoices.


This is your chance to do your bit and protect the environment around you by opting paperless invoice through online invoice generation. Get all the information pertaining to the bills of the completed trips with a single click. Be on the top of the travel business management and take your travel business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for online invoice by getting beep today and forget manual invoice generation!!!