How can IVR & SMS Solutions of beep Assist Travel Operators?

Travel and tourism industry in our country has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become one of the dynamic and largest industries in India. Travel operators across the country have been using the old, tried and tested techniques while conducting online car booking management. But with recent technological advancement, it has become imperative for the travel operators to get used to modern advancements and come up with the use of technology to grow their travel business through online car booking management. Today it is very important for drivers and travellers to remain in continuous touch with each other during the trip. This is where Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) solutions and SMS solutions come into picture.

Keeping this perspective in mind, we are coming up with beep, a B2B online travel portal. It would assist travel operators to get notified about the whereabouts of the driver through IVR solutions, if he/she is away from the pickup destination. The travellers will also get SMS on their mobile at no cost whatsoever. But the travel operators will have to pay a nominal price to avail the SMS & IVR solutions. This B2B online travel portal will prove to be a blessing in disguise for travel operators.

With the implementation of IVR & SMS solutions of beep, a travel operator would be able to easily conduct online car booking management and operate 24 hours, 7 days a week to increase the revenue. The biggest advantage of providing SMS services is that a toll free number is used for customer service which allows travellers to call the driver at free of cost. A dedicated number is provided by the IVR system which can aid as a toll free number as well. We even provide multi-lingual language for the convenience of travellers.

How Can IVR & SMS Solutions of beep Assist Travel Operators?

Send Emergency Alerts to the Drivers

With the help of IVR solutions & SMS solutions for beep, it is possible for the travel operators to send emergency alerts to the drivers to notify him/her about the upcoming trip. This would ensure that the travel operator has total control over the management of the trip.

Send and Receive Bulk Messages

With the help of beep’s SMS solutions, it is possible for the driver and the traveller to have continuous communication with each other. But the travel operator will have to pay a nominal price to avail the bulk message functionality.

Cost-effective Platform for Easy Communication with The Travellers

IVR & SMS solutions of beep assists travel operators in providing a cost-effective platform to stay connected with the driver so that they can enjoy the trip without any problem with smooth communication.

Use of Breakthrough Technology to Reach the Drivers & the Travellers in No Time

IVR & SMS solutions by beep will allow the travel operators to stay connected with the communication between drivers and travellers in no time. This would ensure that the upcoming trip is successful and there are no chances of no show.

Generate a Report of the SMS History Sent to Driver

The travel operator would be able to generate a report of the SMS history sent to the driver which would assist you in keeping a tap at the messages exchanged between the driver and the traveller.


In the end, it is wise to say that beep IVR & SMS function will act as a boon not only for the drivers and travellers, but also the travel operators. Don’t wait!!! Register for beep today and avail the IVR & SMS functionality and keep a check on the activities of the driver in real time!!!